Tree Pruning or Removal Safety

It would seem to be evident that tree trimming and felling can produce limbs that weigh hundreds of pounds. If a more substantial branch falls on a person’s head, hand, chest, back, or legs, it can cause severe injury or even death. Tree trimming can result in substantial property damage, too, which is not necessarily limited to the homeowner’s property. Today, we’re going to talk about tree trimming safety, and why using a tree trimming company can save a homeowner untold grief and possibly thousands of dollars.

Cutting the wrong limb

Without training, it’s easy to make a mistake and cut the wrong branch, cut a limb that falls and damages another part of the tree or falls and damages whatever happens to be beneath the tree. It’s also easy for the tree trimmer to fall in the act of trimming a tree. The process of pruning or removing a tree often involves the use of a chainsaw Tree trimmers are required by Florida state law to wear chaps; the reason is that it’s so easy for the chainsaw to slip and cause a terrible accident.

Cutting incorrectly

Improper cutting of a tree can damage the tree. One way is by making it unsightly by cutting it wrong. Another way is by cutting it, for example, cutting shallowly or too deeply against the trunk, causing further damage. This could be cosmetic, or it could leave the tree open to damage by insects or diseases, which can many times hasten the death of the tree.

Hire a pro

If none of the rest of these other reasons are compelling enough, a professional tree trimming company has the equipment necessary to do the job. We keep this equipment in excellent working order to avoid accidents and problems. We have the safety gear needed to protect ourselves and your property. We also have the skill to prune or remove a tree correctly. A well-pruned tree will look great and have less of a chance of being attacked by insects and diseases. If the tree has to be removed, it will be done with a minimal amount of mess and fuss and maximum safety considerations. A professional tree company is worth the money, particularly if it saves a life or untold thousands in medical bills or property damage.

If you have a tree or tree that needs to be pruned or removed, give us a call. We offer fast, professional, and friendly service and will keep you and your property safe.