How Much Will It Cost To Remove My Tree?

In the tree business, we sometimes get a call from a customer who has a tree they want to be removed and want to know how much it’s going to cost. So, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what considerations drive the price of tree removal, so potential customers have a good base of understanding.


The most crucial thing a tree removal company considers is the safe removal of your tree. Homes, fences, power lines, and pools can be damaged or destroyed by a massive limb. Every situation is different, but generally speaking, the closer a tree is to something that can be destroyed, the more careful the crew has to be during the removal, and that will bump up the cost.
Another thing that happens sometimes is that a tree will be in an area that the homeowner wants special handling; for example, they don’t wish to the lawn or flowers disturbed. Anything is doable, but it means some specialized equipment and more time might be involved.


A large tree is a bigger job, which will make it cost more than a little tree. The height matters, as well, because palm trees can get incredibly tall, and that’s always a hazard. Bigger, taller trees require specialized equipment and handling.


When a tree is close enough to fall on something, we will call in a crane or hoist. We do this on larger trees because of the potential for incidental damage. We also do so if it has the potential to hurt someone, such as a tree branch that has split in such a way that it can endanger even an experienced crew. Larger branches are heavy. Smaller branches don’t appear to be that heavy, but they can cause severe damage if they fall from any height.

In spite of these cost culprits, we try to be as fair as we can to our customers and still do the job right. We also make a practice of keeping our customers informed before and during the process. It’s essential to protect the people involved, too. We’ve found that working together with the client to keep them informed about what is happening on their property makes it safer for the homeowner, kids, and pets that may wander into the work area if they don’t realize we’re there. We hope this has helped shed some light on the tree removal process. Every situation is different, and we do our best to make sure the homeowner’s wishes are respected while ensuring the safe removal of the tree, regardless of its size.