How an Expert Tree Removal Service Can Assist With a Tree Struck By Lightning?

Lightning can injure trees so badly that they might need the assistance of an expert tree removal service.
All across the planet, lightning strikes millions of times per day. Each bright bolt poses a severe threat to nearby trees, and sometimes our treasured plants can suffer well after a storm has passed by. Lightning can injure trees so badly that they might need the assistance of an expert tree removal service, depending on the circumstances. Here are a few pieces of advice on what to do if your tree was struck by lightning.

My Trees Been Struck, Now What?

First and foremost, if there are any hanging or broken branches, these should be removed as soon as possible. If they’re too big for you to remove yourself, call out a certified expert from an expert tree removal service to do the job. Lightning damage also warrants a proper tree inspection. It’s hard to say if your tree will or won’t recover from a lightning strike, so it’s usually best to get an arborist’s expert opinion.

Signs Your Tree Was Struck By Lightning

The tricky thing about any potential lighting damage is that it can be very subtle, if not unnoticeable. Lightning strikes the inside of your tree, targeting the thick layer underneath the bark that we’re unable to see. So it’s not terribly uncommon for a tree to look entirely normal for days or even weeks and then steadily decline. However, sometimes, the internal damage does affect the outer layers of your tree. If this is the case, lightning damage looks like:

  • A slit or crack that runs down the tree’s trunk.
  • Chunks and pieces of bark stripped off the tree.
  • Sparse leaves, or wilted leaves around the tree.
  • Blackened or burned areas of bark.

Can My Tree Die if Struck by Lightning?

You might be wondering if your tree is dead the minute it’s been struck, but it could survive. The fate of your tree depends on multiple factors – such as its health, species, location, and age. The consensus is that if your tree was only struck on one side of its trunk, it has a good chance at survival. But if both sides are damaged, you’ll likely need some assistance from an expert tree removal service.

How to Protect Against Lightning?

The best way to protect against lightning damage is with a lightning protection service. Just be cautious, as no system is 100% guaranteed to prevent any damage, so make sure to consult with an arborist or expert tree removal service if you’re interested.