Hiring a Professional Tree Services Company

If you are hiring a local tree trimming service you have to make sure the company you are considering is very conscious of safety procedures. Tree trimming and tree removal can be a very dangerous job. Even the smallest trees or branches can cause damage if you are not prepared.

When your tree trimmer or removal company comes to start the job, it’s not as if you have inspected their equipment but when interviewing them and getting bids a quick question about safety never hurts. If you consider the environment they are working in, for instance, a 5-foot long branch cut from a tree at 15-20 feet above ground once it is cut loose and begins to fall no one has complete control over where it may land. A branch just this size, if it lands on a person or piece of property, can do a lot of damage. Some very basic tree trimmer safety equipment can prevent serious accidents here are a couple of safety measures that will help ensure a tree service job goes off without a hitch.

Your tree trimmer should be wearing the right gloves. A good leather glove will help reduce hand injuries and give a good grip on tools. Dropping a saw from high up in a tree can be hazardous for anyone standing below.

An experienced tree trimming company should have a lot of experience working in different environments. Before starting work doing a walk around the area is a good idea. Having an idea of what obstacles like power lines or neighbors’ homes may get in the way will help the job go faster and safer.

If your tree removal project is near a busy street or sidewalk you may have to coordinate with the city to isolate an area to keep pedestrians or local traffic away, or at a safe distance until the project is complete.

Having more than one tree removal or trimming specialist on the job is a good idea. This way they can look out after one another. If an issue does arise there is at least one other person on the site that can summon help if necessary or just keep the job site clear of potential hazards.

Much like a site assessment giving the trees that are to be worked on a good once-over looking for cracks or tree rot is a good idea. Climbing up a tree to start the job and finding unstable branches or worse yet stepping out onto can lead to an onsite accident and not be good for the tree company or the homeowner.